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Jewelry to wear with pride

Dec 12, 2019 | Misc | 0 comments

20 jewels to support the rights of the LGBTQ community

The jewels of gay pride are colorful, fun and embrace the queer spirit in style!
This is the best way to show support for the LGBTQ community that allows people to learn about their values through rainbow jewelry.

Do you know the meaning of this emblematic rainbow colored flag?
In 1978 the artist and drag performer Gilbert Baker and a bunch of his friends designed the first rainbow flag, urged on by Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in the history of California.
Each color had its own meaning:

  • hot pink for sex 
  • red for life 
  • orange for healing 
  • yellow for sunlight 
  • green for nature 
  • turquoise for art 
  • indigo for harmony 
  • violet for spirit.

For this reason we have decided to suggest you some splendid rainbow-colored jewels perfect to wear on any occasion!

  1. Silver & rainbow ring
    Declare your everlasting love with this rainbow eternity ring!
    Elegant and chic, this beautiful ring will catch the gaze of many with its kaleidoscopic brilliance and radiant shine.
    Create a magical moment with this unique piece, marking your love with pride!

  2. Yellow silver arc-en-ciel earrings
    Thanks to this colorful asymmetrical arc-en-ciel earrings add joy and happiness to your style!
    This pair is fun and easy to mix and match with other jewels.

  3. Stainless steel pendant
    Puzzle heart shaped design match perfectly into one heart.
    It is the most romantic shape in the world!
    When love can’t express in words, there must be something that shows your deep love.

  4. Gemstone bracelet
    This striking bracelet features a gorgeous selection of precious gems.
    The adjustable clasp means this design can sit elegantly on the wrists of everyone, representing shared values and unity!

  5. Engagement band
    This titanium stainless steel is perfect for gay and lesbian weddings, engagements, promises, anniversary gifts because it will last forever!

  6. Yellow gold plated rainbow earrings
    Who wouldn’t love this colourful and bright piece?
    This earring channels will imbue your look a rainbow touch.

  7. Bi pride pendant
    It is a simple and understated necklace that is great for work or play!
    Pink, purple and blue anodized aluminum jump rings were hand woven together to create this piece.

  8. Wedding band
    This stainless steel LGBTQ pride ring is durable enough to be worn for a lifetime!

  9. Silver earrings
    They fit for any occasion as daily wearing at home and office, with fashion and modern elements, catch people’s eyes in the crowd!

  10. Rainbow disk necklace
    This necklace celebrate unity, equality and respect.
    A piece of jewellery that encapsulates all your values!

  11. Gold plated eternity ring
    Fresh and modern, this dazzling ring is brightly colored!
    Rainbow colored gems have a princess cut.

  12. Pride rainbow safety pin earring
    Rainbow beads support gay pride and these cute safety pins add a punk-rock touch to your look!

  13. Couple bracelet
    It’s a meaningful gift for your lover for every occasion.
    Show your pride for equality!

  14. Unicorn ring
    This ring is fun, bold, full of personality and truly embodies the spirit of pride!

  15. Gay pride necklace
    It’s a simple piece using the LGBTQ flag as the main centrepiece.
    Wearing this necklace, you’ll show your pride!

  16. Rainbow ring
    Each gemstone is precisely cut, forming an extra-special ring for that once-in-a-lifetime proposal!
    Wear this ring with pride everyday as a constant reminder of your love and loyalty, as each coloured gemstone sparkles forevermore.

  17. Healing rainbow bangle
    These gorgeous crystal jewellery harness the healing properties of chakras. Balance your emotions and channel positivity with this rainbow bangle!

  18. Double cross rings pendant
    This stainless steel necklace is refined, trendy and with a modern design.
    Simply perfect!

  19. Rainbow earrings
    Stainless steel fashion rainbow ear stud earrings for gay & lesbian.
    Simple and striking!

  20. Necklace with LGBTQ pride pendant
    The silver plated chain is 100% safe for sensitive skin.
    This bright jewel is sophisticated and elegant, it will catch you at first glance!

We hope that all our colorful proposals have made you fall in love.
From gorgeous gemstone huggies to rainbow colour rings (perfect for an engagement) to the luminous pendants, passing through the multi colored bracelets, you are spoilt for choice!
In this way you can wave your queer flag with pride and with fashion finesse.
No matter who you love, love is love!

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