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8 super simple DIY wood projects for your home

Oct 24, 2019 | DIY, Home decor | 0 comments

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You know how they say, “if you want something done right, DO IT YOURSELF!”. And if you’re familiar with sawdust, glue and sandpaper, you know that’s right.

Here you’ll find 8 ideas for super simple DIY projects that you can easily do (even if you’re not a woodworker) and feel that special satisfaction after you complete them.

You won’t need professional tools to make these things. Maybe you already have got all you’ll need but, before we start, here it is a short list of tools that can help you in these (and every other) simple DIY wood projects.


Useless to say, you need wood.


Measuring is one of the most important parts of every woodworking project. It could save a ton of time or ruin your entire work.
Take the right time to measure precisely every part and then do it again, just in case.
A tape measure (and maybe a square) is all you need.


Any kind of miter saw, circular saw, band saw, scroll saw or table saw will do the job here. You won’t find any complex cutting in these projects. If you don’t have any of these power tools, a normal hand saw will work just fine.


An assorted grit sandpaper pack is what you need. You can start with 120 grit and go as high as you want until the surface reaches the smoothness you desire.
An orbital sander or a belt sander would make your life much better but they are not strictly necessary.


In some of these projects you will need to glue parts together.
We could talk about wood glue for month but for these simple wood projects, any PVA glue will work. For smaller objects you can use CA glue too (aka super glue).
If you can, use clamps to hold parts together while the glue is drying.


Working with wood, most of the times the best finishing is its natural color.
Sometimes you could prefer to use a stain to change the color but in both cases you’ll need to add an extra protection to the wood to preserve it from time and use.
Linseed oil and beeswax are the most natural and simple choice to finish a wood piece. You can also find them mixed in one single product with other oils and waxes for shinier and more durable finishing.
Sometimes you could need some stronger protection and use chemical products but I think this is not the case.

Now let’s jump in and get our hands dirty!
Click on the pictures to see the step-by-step guides.

Minimalist wood phone stand

This simple wood phone stand will help you keep your phone within your sight while working and it will be a minimalist and stylish addition to you desktop.

Minimalist wood phone stand
Seen on instructables.com

Wood guitar stand

Do you have a guitar laying around passing from the couch to a chair or from your bed to the floor? If somebody in your house plays the guitar, you’ll know what I mean.
This simple wood guitar stand will solve your problem.

Seen on instructables.com

Plywood laptop stand

Working with a laptop for a long time can hurt your neck and the laptop can reach high temperature sometimes (and it’s bad).
But if you make and use a wood laptop stand like this, your neck will bend less, the laptop will dissipate heat easily and you can admire your work with satisfaction everyday. Everybody wins!

Seen on instructables.com

Desktop Organizer and Succulent Planter

Style and organization are the ingredients for a perfect and productive workspace.
This desktop organizer will help you with that and the succulents will add a very natural and relaxing atmosphere to your space.

Seen on instructables.com

DIY modern wood keyholder

Keys of your house, of your car, of your office, of your parent’s house and so on. Organizing keys can be a problem.
This wood keyholder is super easy to make, it’s beautiful and it’s useful at the same time. What are you waiting for? Go make it now!

Seen on newblooming.com

Modern DIY napkin holder

There’s no party, no dinner with friends, no barbecue without a napkin holder on the table.
They are extremely useful but very often they are so extremely ugly too!
Then do it yourself and make it look modern and beautiful.

Seen on acraftedpassion.com

DIY rope shelving project

If you like rustic home decor, this wood and rope shelf is for you.
Super easy to make and the result will give to your shelving that handmade look you are looking for. Because IT IS handmade!

Seen on burkatron.com

DIY simple side table

Small projects are fun and easy but what about something bigger?
A side table is a perfect start to furniture making.
This design is very modern and simple and it’s easily customizable!

Seen on fallfordiy.com

Which one of these projects are you going to make? Let us know your plans! Comment below!
Do have any question or need any advice on how to complete them? Would you like to see more of these? Just ask in the comments!
We’ll do our best to help you 🙂

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